What to Look out For when Shopping for Favorite Baby Booties

It’s not uncommon for parents to have their Favorite Baby Booties they like to dress their kid in. Once you are able to find the right kind of shoe in the right fit and your kid doesn’t kick them off every 30 seconds, you find yourself in love with and attached to you Favorite Baby Booties as everything depends on this. So how do you find the right pair of baby booties that would make both you and your kid happy?


  1. Newborns and infants do not need shoes but once your baby starts to walk or stand, then they need to start breaking in their first pair of shoes.
  2. Kids shoes should be made with lightweight material that is soft and breathable. And when the kids start walking a lot, make sure the soles are made with material that has a grip so they don’t slip and fall.
  3. Make sure the shoes are not too tight. Your favorite Baby booties should have a good portion of width and length to make room for the baby’s feet to grow. Make sure their toes do not hit or press against the front of the shoes.
  4. Do not buy a pair of shoes if they are too tight even if they are the baby’s size. Do not think that the baby would “break in” the shoes as adults do. Comfort must be the number one quality of your Favorite Baby Booties.
  5. Booties made with breathable materials like leather and canvas are the best or the baby’s feet as they tend to sweat a lot.
  6. Make sure to check all the time that your Favorite Baby Booties are still the right size – check every time your baby puts them on. Kids feet grow very quickly even overnight so a pair of shoes can become too tight before you know it. Try to buy a new pair every three to five months.


Making the Right Choice When Choosing Favorite Baby Booties


The Sole of the Shoe

When buying a pair of baby shoes or booties, you have to take note of the sole of the shoe. If the soles are too soft, it can cause the kid to slip and fall at the slightest disturbance. Soles made of leather or rubber provide traction and friction which will prevent slippery accidents and falls.

The Type of Shoe

Baby shoes come in different types and styles and it’s up to the parent to decide which type of shoes they want for their kid. Some common types of baby shoes are sneakers, boots, booties, moccasins, sandals etc.

The Price of the Shoe

How much a parent is willing to spend on a pair of shoes is largely dependent on their income. However, for young kids just learning to walk, its best to stick with good quality and inexpensive shoes as the kids will outgrow them in a couple of months. So it’s best not to spend too much money on a pair that you won’t need after two to three months.

The Style of Shoe

Just as there are different types of shoes there are also different styles. The main style choices are between a closed toe and open-toed shoes. Making this choice largely depends on the weather and the activity. Like the summer open toed shoes or sandals are great for going to the park or to the beach. And in the winter, it's best to go with closed toe booties and shoes to keep their feet protected from the cold. The type of shoe also depends on the age of the kid and what stage of development they are in. For young kids still learning to walk, it’s best to put them in closed toe shoes that are comfortable, fit properly and are not likely to fall off.

Second-Hand Shoes


Fairly used are second-hand shoes can be used for kids but parents have to be careful and check that they fit all the specifications mentioned above. This means that the shoe must be the right size also. Also,   sure the shoe is not too deteriorated as it could rip or cause the kid to trip and fall or cause injury and blisters in feet. Shoes fit different feet differently so just because the shoes fit one kid does not mean they will be right for yours.

The Right Kind of Socks

Most shoes need to be worn with socks and so when shopping for shoes make sure there is enough room for the socks. When shopping, let the kid try on the shoe with the kind of socks they will be wearing the shoes on a daily basis.

Shopping for Your Favorite Baby Booties

Take the kid shopping with you and if you are buying online, buy a few pairs to try on then you can return the ones that doesn’t fit. When shopping at a shoe store, you can ask the shop attendants or feet specialists in the store to measure your kids' feet to make sure you buy their exact size. For growing kids, measuring their feet regularly will help you always know the size for your kid and then you can always buy the right size each time. When at the store, have your kid wear the shoe and walk around for a bit. when you take it off, check for red marks or any areas that might be pressing against the skin too tightly. Also, check if the shoe is too loose and if it's sliding off as they walk.