baking + cleaning = one happy apartment.

IMG_0499 IMG_0474

kyle finally found the time to put our map up above our bed and we tacked our first picture up in the maryland spot. we have to print out the other one we took but i can’t wait to travel the world and fill this thing up!

on another note, baking is something that has always brought me joy and something that also makes my apartment smell amazing. so yesterday, i poured myself a class of jazzberry wine and made cinnamon swirl banana bread with a recipe i found from For the Love of Cooking. it didn’t come out as great as i hoped, but it was only my first time. i can only get better with practice!

ps. my parents are arriving tonight for the whole weekend! so, as the banana bread baked last night, i cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. it was actually fun and i love the feeling of getting things accomplished. i’ve missed them a lot and can’t wait to spend time with them!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!

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